"Changing the face of Technology, One Woman at a Time."

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Mission and Values

Our Mission: TechieChic's mission is simple "To change the face of technology one woman at a time". And we accomplish this in a variety of ways:

  • Walk The Talk

    By walking the talk and actually setting up tech and non tech skill development programs to help women from different walks of life shine like diamonds and enjoy and great career prospects in tech.

  • Education

    By educating companies about the potential dangers of a male dominated work force like reduced creativity and poor quality consciousness. We hope this will boost gender diversity opening up more high paying positions for deserving TechieChics .

  • Excelling Women

    By exposing women to insider's industry knowledge in simple, easy to understand nuggets which will ultimately make them better assets to their companies, escalate their career progress and improve retention rate of women in tech.

Our Values:: TechieChic works on three core brand values:

  • Simple Delivery

    Simplicity is at the heart of every TechieChic program and venture. We understand that tech has a bad rep of being complicated. We aim to keep it simple both for the women who take our programs and the corporate clients who look to us to fill their “talent” needs.

  • Making a difference with passion

    TechieChic is all about changing perceptions. Be it the apparent complexity of coding and development or the rigid notion of companies that men trump women when it comes to logic and tech. We do not want to concentrate on a region, country or society. We want our work to shake foundations far and wide and with that in mind we actively encourage TechieChics to mentor each other.

  • Life-long learning

    TechieChic advocates learning something new every day. To that effect we have tech and non tech programs spaced throughout the year and a freshly baked steaming hot newsletter that delivers the best FREE tools to grow and expand. Sign Up for our newsletter by clicking here.


TechieChic is committed to upholding its mission and values in every way possible. We understand that it may be difficult for women to start in tech and for those who are already a part of it to trust and choose the right mentors and support group. This is why our services pan the whole spectrum from skill building and boosting to soft skill enhancement to helping in the search for better job opportunities.

  • Tech Skill Building

    We offer exhaustive and comprehensive technical training in the areas of Business Intelligence/Data, Mobile OS (Android/iOS) and Web Application Development through year round affordable programs.

    Check our Events section for ongoing and upcoming courses.

  • Soft Skills Enhancement

    Techiechics need to be perfect in every way! We offer a full complement of non-technical skills like the basics of confident communication; resume writing and pitching, the top techniques to ace interviews and dressing to make an impact.

  • Aid in Job Opportunities Search

    Techiechic takes its promise of a changed future very seriously. With the tech and non tech skills training, we also strive to bring to junior as well as senior level TechieChics better job opportunities from companies promoting gender diversity and an equal rights workplace.

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